Top 10: You Know You are a Home Brewer when…

… you don’t think that 10 gallons of beer is a lot.

… you’ve ever used a mop on a ceiling.

… you see the acronym R.D.W.H.A.H.B. and know what it means.

… it started out as a hobby then ended up as a habit.

… you have more varieties of beer on tap than your local bar does.

… you hate to wash dishes, but think nothing about standing over a sink for hours cleaning empty bottles.

… you buy beer according to ease of label removal or the type of bottle it comes in.

…you can name at least 10 different varieties of hops, but can’t name 10 congressmen.

…you refuse to pay $8.00 for a beer in a restaurant because you can make 5 gallons for that much.

… the only time you clean your kitchen is just before brewing a new batch.

Gary Wright

Born and raised in Southern California, moved to Northern California 25 years ago and now consider myself a NorCal "native".

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