New kettle and grain mill for all-grain brewing

In preparation for all-grain brewing, the club has recently acquired a new 30-qt aluminum kettle (7.5 gallon; enough to boil most low to mid-gravity 5-gallon brews) and a Corona-style grain-mill from Amazon ( We will be brewing the Oak Tree recipe this weekend to try out the new equipment and get a little tricep/bicep workout with the manually-cranked grinder!

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Top 10: You Know You are a Home Brewer when…

… you don’t think that 10 gallons of beer is a lot. … you’ve ever used a mop on a ceiling. … you see the acronym R.D.W.H.A.H.B. and know what it means. … it started out as a hobby then ended up as a habit. … you have more varieties of beer on tap than your local bar does. … you hate to wash dishes, but think nothing about standing over a sink for hours cleaning empty bottles. … you buy beer…

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