Fresh vs. Frozen: Mango Tart Saison

I found myself with an extra six gallons of low-gravity saison wort, so I decided to ferment it with a vial of East Coast Yeast Bugfarm 15. I was especially intent to trial this iteration of the annual super-blend because it included an isolate of Kloeckera apiculata, a microbe that Vinnie Cilurzo mentioned as a suspect for the citrus-forward character of the spontaneous fermentation of Russian River Beatification!

The result was certainly more lemon and pineapple than funk, but it lacked excitement or depth at a year old. I bottled two gallons as is to see how it evolves (tasting to follow eventually). I racked half a gallon onto wild prickly pears, a gallon onto muscat grapes, and split the rest between fresh and frozen mangoes. The fresh was 1.5 lbs of sliced ataulfo, the frozen was two pounds of 365 Organic Mango Chunks.

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A Beer at Lunch? Yes, Please

After months of looking out the window by my desk at grass that was still showing tints of green, snow has finally arrived to Vermont (in the second week of February!). Of course, this means everyone at the ski resorts is excited as business will pick up, and skiers and snowboarders are equally stoked to find fresh powder.

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New “Water Tower” Wort Chiller; Yuba Gold #3

A new wort chiller design was built and had it’s first test during the brewing of yet another new batch of Yuba Gold (#3). It is essentially a cooling tower constructed with a 10-foot garden hose, swimming flotation device (“noodle”), nylon ties and some fittings to attach to the kitchen sink faucet. A drill is used to make small holes every 2 inches or so and aimed at the inside of the device. The water…

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Oak Tree #3 brewed and fermenting

The third time’s a charm! Actually the club’s American Amber Ale style beer has always been a favorite. This one should be a little lighter in body, but just as full in flavor and ABV. Propane Burner This is the club’s first attempt at outdoor brewing with boil cook stand and propane tank. Quite an upgrade from the 1800-watt indoor electric range top burner. Bringing brew water to boil was so much faster and better…

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Yuba Gold #2

The club members enjoyed another great brewing session today, this time to recreate one of their favorite recipes, Yuba Gold, a light and refreshing American Pale Ale using only American 2-Row Pale and light Crystal malted barley (no sugar adjuncts other than for bottle carbonation). Amarillo Gold and Centennial hops give a citrusy, floral taste and aroma for this well balanced beer. Something like a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but with more alcohol and body!. The first batch brewed earlier this year…

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Oak Tree – First Revision

Oak Tree has become one of RSB’s most popular brews. It is destined to be our flagship brew for summer enjoyment! This American Amber Ale style recipe is based on an award-winning Red Nectar Ale (Nectar Ales, SLO, CA) clone. Beautiful red/amber color with balanced malt and hops. American Pale (2-Row) and medium Crystal (40 and 80) provide the malty flavor and fermentables. A little flaked wheat imparts a slight wheat flavor and extra body.…

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