Yuba Gold #2

The club members enjoyed another great brewing session today, this time to recreate one of their favorite recipes, Yuba Gold, a light and refreshing American Pale Ale using only American 2-Row Pale and light Crystal malted barley (no sugar adjuncts other than for bottle carbonation). Amarillo Gold and Centennial hops give a citrusy, floral taste and aroma for this well balanced beer. Something like a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but with more alcohol and body!.

The …

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Oak Tree – First Revision

Oak Tree has become one of RSB’s most popular brews. It is destined to be our flagship brew for summer enjoyment!

This American Amber Ale style recipe is based on an award-winning Red Nectar Ale (Nectar Ales, SLO, CA) clone. Beautiful red/amber color with balanced malt and hops. American Pale (2-Row) and medium Crystal (40 and 80) provide the malty flavor and fermentables. A little flaked wheat imparts a slight wheat flavor and …

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New kettle and grain mill for all-grain brewing

In preparation for all-grain brewing, the club has recently acquired a new 30-qt aluminum kettle (7.5 gallon; enough to boil most low to mid-gravity 5-gallon brews) and a Corona-style grain-mill from Amazon (Grizzly.com).

We will be brewing the Oak Tree recipe this weekend to try out the new equipment and get a little tricep/bicep workout with the manually-cranked grinder!

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