What Cellaring Does for Your Beer

Anybody that has brewed beer before will notice that time can have a huge impact on their brew’s quality. Your homebrew may seem watery for the first couple months. Your IPA’s will have the most hop aroma and flavor when they’re fresh. Your stronger beers have an alcoholic bite that seems to fade as months pass. See how cellaring your brews can make them even better!

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Bottling and Kegging – The Best of Both Worlds

Most of us homebrewers started out bottling our beers, some of us then decided to move on to kegging. Those who bottle claim that bottling is better for portability (bringing to parties, sharing with friends, entering competitions.) Those who keg claim that the time saved cleaning and filling bottles is one of the best things they’ve done to save time, and that you can always Counter Pressure Bottle (CPBF) fill some bottles for competition or for giving away. But a CPB filler is one more piece of equipment to buy and there’s a bit of a learning curve when using one. I know you can also just fill a growler but many times the carbonation on a growler is lacking.

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